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Welcome to my blog


My blog is all about me!!! Well and anyone that is working with me, or that is interviewd by me or that I like or want to post on my blog. Get ready for fashion tips, thrift store finds, ballin on a budget tips, hot pictures, cool videos, dope interviews, bad ass music, awesome poetry, and maybe even some HM5M's favorite recipes!! Who knows I am just getting started!

Happy Halloween

By darci, Oct 31 2018 08:25PM

Happy Halloween from this spooky sexy creature

Drooling like a pack of werewolves over all my curvy features

Have you hypnotized with a swivel and shake of my thighs

Got you walking like a zombie searching for a prize

Wanting to taste my nectar like you were a vampire

Devilish and evil as hell I bring that scary sexy fire

So whether you arose from the dead or are still very much alive

You know you can't get enough of your HauteMamaOf5

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