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Welcome to my blog


My blog is all about me!!! Well and anyone that is working with me, or that is interviewd by me or that I like or want to post on my blog. Get ready for fashion tips, thrift store finds, ballin on a budget tips, hot pictures, cool videos, dope interviews, bad ass music, awesome poetry, and maybe even some HM5M's favorite recipes!! Who knows I am just getting started!

How a flip phone, 20 dollar recycled computer, and a lot of hustle and grind created HM5M

By darci, Aug 15 2018 11:00PM

If you don't know me let me introduce myself; I am Darci Carpenter aka HauteMamaOf5Models, but I wasn't always HauteMamaOf5Models. I was just Darci Carpenter. I was a teen mom before the trendy MTV show that paid you to be a teen mom;....so I missed that boat LOL I also struggled with health issues through the better part of my twenties which made raising children that much harder. Once I had finally overcame my health problems after numerous surgeries I felt like I had a new lease on life. I wanted to do something with my life and try to achieve my dreams of modeling and who knows else....How was I gonna do that I was single mother of five kids and not much for a budget.

Well I had a flip phone that took pictures. That's a start!!! I saw a recycled computer store that refurbishes old computers and resells them so I had to hit that up and got me this old dinosaur of a computer for twenty bucks!!!! WHAT A DEAL!!!!! Then I took pictures and edited them online using Ribbet which cost 5.99 per month at the time and started posting pics on my fan page I created just for fun ...just to do it ...Why not? After years of struggling and living in the hospital and after having five kids I was proud of my body and I always dreamt of being a model or an actor....so why not just for fun.

Then a few months roll by and I had over 300k fans on my first fan page before facebook unpublished do to what I am thinking was jealous rage from one of my many haters!! If you don't like it don't look...it's that simple DAYYYYUMMM!! Anywho one thing led to the next and pretty soon I was posing up for mixtapes, single covers, and landed a few blog spots and magazine spots after I invested in a better camera; and that all started from me not giving up, from me hustling, grinding, making connects, and most importantly from me taking my own pictures and posting them up with a flip phone and a 20 dollar recycled computer.

Eventually I invested in a better camera to do promo shots with and now am working on more of my modeling, my merchandise, graphic art, videos, my own album project with my homie DJ Flipcyide , I host my own radio show HauteMama's Hot Mix - That's on 3 stations PowerHits281 Houston/Underground Rap and Hip Hop Connexion-Amsterdam/and Rebel Radio 716 New York, I also got my own website and this is my first waaaay over due blog post to let you know a little bit more about me and who I am, and that we all start somewhere so if you have a dream it's just about going after it no matter what and you will get there some day..... I am still trying to reach mine every moment of everyday to show my kids to never give up on theirs!!! Every tomorrow is a new day full of new opportunities the past is the past. Wake your ass up time to grind and shine!!!! Much Love and Respect your favorite #HauteMamaOf5Models

Sep 28 2019 11:59AM by Kevin

Darci, I think your story is absolutely inspiring for those who are struggling to chase their dreams, and I just found you more amazing than before. You have such a determination and fire to get through what you have gone through and to come out on top. And you look absolutely, amazingly beautiful for having 5 kiddos. You're an amazing person. Keep up the hustle, and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Nov 6 2019 07:51AM by Jim dalton

You go girl you will succeed with that attitude goodluck to you Darci. I had a feeling there was alot more to you than just good looks.Have a good one Jim

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